Phu Quoc National Park Overview

About 90% of Phu Quoc is forested and the trees and adjoining marine environment enjoy official protection. Phu Quoc National Park comprises more than half of Phu Quoc Island’s northern region, this is the last large stand of forest in the south.  Declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2010, this massive natural attraction spans over 314, 000 square metres of unique flora and fauna, evergreen forest, and dense mountain ranges.

Phu Quoc National Park

While the majority of Phu Quoc National Park is strictly protected by the Vietnamese government for research purposes, visitors can make their way to the Khu Rung Nguyen Sinh Forest Reserve via Ganh Dau Village as it’s accessible for camping, hiking, bird-watching, and photography. Nature lovers can also spot rare wildlife such as long-tailed macaques, silver langurs, slow lories, otters, and hornbills.

Phu Quoc National Park Zone

The boundaries of the national park lie mostly within Ganh Dau, Bai Thom, Cua Duong, Cua Can and Ham Ninh Communes with the core sections of the park highlighted in the map below.

Phu Quoc National Park Zone

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Hiking & Trekking
If you’re looking to test out your endurance, Mount Heaven in Phu Quoc National Park is accessible within a challenging four-hour trek through the evergreen forest followed by a 10 metre-tall bamboo ladder. The highest peak in the national park is Mount Chua, which stands at 600 metres above sea level, but hiking trails and viewing platforms for the mountain are currently under construction. Located 26 kilometres north of Duong Dong, the best way to get to Phu Quoc National Park is by booking a day tour or renting a motorcycle. The roads leading towards Ganh Dau Village can rather bumpy, so only opt for the latter if you’re comfortable navigating through dirt roads.

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Wake up early enough and go on your own safari to view wildlife such as the Great Hornbill, Hill Myna, Greater Flameback...

Wildlife- birds in Phu Quoc

Discover Big Trees
These are old growth trees remind us of a time when Dinosaurs roamed this planet.

Phu Quoc National Park is rick with a variety of plant life. There are 1,164 species of plants representing 137 families and 66 Orders. Identified ecosytems of the National Park like Primary Dipterocarp Forests, Secondary Forests, Imperata Grassland, Palm Bushland...

Discover Big Trees